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Alt-A more flexable than CMBS

Posted by Roy Swan on Apr 1, 2019 in News

You may have heard of our Alt-A loan, the loan that is more flexible than conventional but MUCH better than private money. Well now, we have an Alternative CMBS loan.  This loan, typically less than ¼% higher than a typical CMBS loan, offers the following MAJOR ENHANCEMENTS.....

1.  -Flexible pre-pay penalties including declining pre-pay, customized declining points, and longer open periods...all far more amenable than Defeasance or Yield Maintenance

2.  -Allows properties to have some vacancy with signed leases and imminent occupancy, allowing for some stabilizing....try THAT with traditional CMBS

3.  -FUTURE FUNDING POSSIBLE including capital expenditures, earn outs, TI/LC Rollover and short-term interest reserves....

4.  -FLEXIBLE RATE AND up to 15 year fixed rates! Or a 3 year step rate with a low starting teaser rate to allow for stabilization and borrower plan!

5. -Lower closing costs

6. -Ability to refinance during the fixed period with NO penalty-try THAT with traditional


7. -No kick-out or loan restructure risk post letter of interest.....


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