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  • INTERNATIONAL MORTGAGE CAPITAL was started by Roy Swan in 1998; with 20 years of mortgage banking experience and another 20 years of real estate experience, financial experience, regulation knowledge, and business expertise, are all core requirements to a solid and successful closing of your loan
  • He has excellent communication skill to make sure that you are always kept abreast of important issues. He excels at organizational skills making sure all Texas laws are kept, organized for best efficiency, and works well in a team environment.
  • High technical aptitude which includes Microsoft office, helping in problem-solving. His goal is to make sure you experience peace of mind that we are protecting you and helping you grow your business.
  • We have total confidence that the synergy created by our experience and knowledge provides the foundation for our ultimate competitive advantage. We feel that our combination of accounting and finance abilities along with our knowledge of real estate is a great combination and provides the best reliable service, maximizing your property profits as we loan you money.


INTERNATIONAL REAL ESTATE SERVICES & INTERNATIONAL MORTGAGE CAPITAL is a one-stop shop for almost all your real estate needs & commercial financing needs. Our vision is: “OUR BUSINESS IS GROWING YOUR BUSINESS”. All our commercial loans must have a minimum loan amount of two hundred thousand dollars, and we do not have a maximum, some of our lending partners have access to one billion dollars.


How to get started; When you have a commercial loan give us a call, or go to the commercial loan tab and fill out a few questions; we will begin the process, within 48 hours we will have an offer of rate and terms for you.

After you accept our terms we have a summary on your commercial loan, so we can request a list of documents called a “needs list” and with that information, we can underwrite & process your loan request. If we receive a complete “NEEDS LIST” Within that a short time, if the commercial loan` qualify, we will issue preliminary terms on the commercial loans that are backed by the funder directly.